• Tour Wrap Up From Justine

    8 July 2009

    Hi Everyone!!
    Well the tour is over now and what a fun tour it was.
    Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra rocked as did Melbourne. We finished our concerts for 2008 at the Fun 4 Kids Festival in Warrnambool Victoria last weekend.
    Thank you so much eveyone for your good wishes and I hope to see you next year when we are back out on the road.
    Stay safe, well and happy and keep singing, la la la la la!!!
    Justine xx

  • Message from Justine on Tour

    14 June 2009

    Hi everyone!

    Well, I just want to say a big shout out loud “thank you!” to all those who were able to make it to the show last Tuesday.
    It may have been raining and cold outside but the sun was shining down on our garden party inside the Dallas Brooks Centre.
    And you made the garden grow by joining in the fun and singing with me and Stu and Jeremy.
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  • June Tour News

    20 April 2009

    Hi all,
    It’s official – I’m going on tour in June!!

    I can’t wait to get to an East Coast capital city near you. I’m due in August, so this tour is going to be short and sweet (my apologies to those who live in SA, WA and all the other places I’ll miss).

    Stay well and see you at the concert!
    Justine x

    P.S Check out the inspiration to this years tour – the video to ‘Doin It (Making The Garden Grow)’

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    1 April 2009

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    Welcome to all those who have just signed up to my newsletter, and hi again to everyone else.

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